Tattoos by Ryan Cook

Tattoo Artist Ryan Cook draws inspiration from the dark corners of REM. Based in Little Rock, he's inspired by the sublime and surreal, and focuses on things like portraits, animals, skulls, nudes, flowers, morphing faces, and anything organic or creepy. An award winning tattoo artist who's been featured in several magazines, his motto is simple: to do the best damn tattoo he's ever done, on every tattoo. 
Ryan was raised in Crane, Missouri, a tiny town in the Ozark Mountains. He spent most of his childhood wandering around the forests, drawing pictures, and making music. At 15  "My younger sister was diagnosed with advanced leukemia, and was moved to Memphis to be treated at St. Jude Research hospital. " he explained. "My parents went to be with her while she underwent chemotherapy." During that time, music and art became his escape. It gave him a sense of identity and laid the foundation for his future career as a tattoo artist. 
After initially studying psychology at Pittsburg State University, he transferred to the University of Central Arkansas where he would go on to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. He began work as a graphic designer at an advertising agency - and on the side had a part-time gig at a music store to break up the monotony. That's where he met his wife Brooke, who had recently started her tattoo apprenticeship. Then soon after, he began his.
Ryan Cook owns Lucky Bella Tattoo Studio with his wife Brooke Cook in North Little Rock, Arkansas. He's also the frontman of space rock band "Illusionaut" and in his free time enjoys traveling and is always looking for musicians to collaborate with.

Contact info: 
text 501-733-5984

Ryan's Music: Illusionaut