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Lucky Bella Tattoo of the Week 

This week's Tattoo of the Week was done by Howard Neal here at Lucky Bella in North Little Rock, Arkansas. 
Howard has been tattooing Paige for a few years now, and this week they started this large scale Medusa tattoo. For this tattoo Paige sat for two full days in a row. Don't be fooled, getting tattooed two days in a row isn't for the faint of heart. Great job Howard and Paige! Y'all killed it on this one. 
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Lucky Bella Tattoo of the Week  

It's time for the Lucky Bella Tattoo of the Week!
This Wrigley Field tattoo was done by Shari Qualls here at Lucky Bella Tattoos in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The Clark Cub's Bear was already done by a different artist at another studio but Shari recolored it when she added the Wrigley Field tattoo around it. 
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We made it to the Top 5! 

We made it into the Top 5 of Arkansas Times Best of Arkansas Contest!
We greatly appreciate all the support of our friends and clients over the past 10 years, it would mean so much to us if you would vote for us for Best Tattoo Studio! Click here to vote for us!

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Lucky Bella Tattoo of the Week  

This week's Lucky Bella Tattoo of the Week is by Howard Neal. Howard has been doing some really awesome work on Tate, between his sleeve and his back, and this badass tiger on his chest. Most of the work he has done on Tate has been in the traditional Japanese style, but they've also been doing really cool American Traditional Tattoos like this tiger on his chest. Follow us on Instagram to keep up with the tattoos we are doing throughout the week! 
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Lucky Bella Tattoo of the Week  

This week's Tattoo of the Week was done by Ryan Cook at Lucky Bella Tattoos in North Little Rock, Arkansas. 

This tattoo was a memorial for our friend Stuart's father. We had the pleasure knowing him for over 15 years.
It breaks our hearts to see client's losing family and friends and we are always honored to help memorialize loved ones with a beautiful memorial tattoo or portrait tattoo. 

Check us Out on Tiktok!  

We have our own TikTok channel where you can check out our latest tattoo videos. Here is a stencil reveal of an awesome Shining tattoo by Ryan Cook here at Lucky Bella Tattoos in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

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We are still practicing best, safe practices to keep our clients safe and healthy! 

Although Arkansas' mask mandate has been lifted and many businesses are lifting COVID-19 restrictions, we are continuing to practice the highest level of cleanliness and precautions, not just the minimum required precautions. 
If you have any questions about our COVID-19 guidelines  feel free to message your artist or give us a call at 501-733-5984

✔️Client cannot show any symptoms of illness (not even allergies) 

✔️No one in your household should be sick or show any symptoms of COVID-19 

✔️Appointment Only, No Walk Ins

✔️Must avoid large groups of people and gatherings for two weeks previous to your appointment 

✔️Doors will be locked. Text when you arrive 

✔️Clients MUST WEAR A MASK over their nose and mouth, AT ALL TIMES in our building (we will be wearing them as well). Layered cloth, surgical paper, KN 95 are best.  Sheer fabrics with unfiltered valves are not effective. 

✔️Must come alone to your tattoo appointment. 

✔️No walk ins 

✔️Clients must wait in car until we are ready for you 

✔️We recommend people take their temperature for 2 days before they come in 

✔️We will take clients temperature with a no touch thermometer 

✔️Clients must wash their hands as soon as they enter the building. 

✔️All consultations will be done via text and FaceTime. 

✔️No Minors 

Minimum amount of time we book for, during the pandemic is $200 per person. 

This is due to medical supplies over doubling in price and becoming extremely scarce.