Lucky Bella Tattoo Studio

Award-Winning and World Class

North Little Rock, Arkansas

Lucky Bella Tattoos was founded in 2011 by artists Brooke and Ryan Cook. We offer award-winning and world class custom tattoos in a clean and professional studio with a friendly atmosphere. 

Lucky Bella COVID-19 Safety Guidelines


 In accordance with the new mandatory guidelines set forth by the governor and The Arkansas Department of Health: 

  • Appointments only, we are not accepting walk ins at this time. Text 501-733-5984 for consultations or to make an appointment. 
  • The studio doors will be locked. Text your artist  for instructions on entering the studio when you arrive. 
  • Clients MUST WEAR A MASK (we will be wearing them as well). We have some available for purchase.
  • We will not be tattooing anyone under the age of 18 years old during the pandemic. 

  • You must come alone to your tattoo appointment (contact us if you are a minor) 
  • Clients must wait in car until we are ready for you 
  • We recommend people take their temperature for 2 days before they come in  
  • We will take clients temperature with a no touch thermometer at the door 
  • Client cannot show any symptoms of illness (not even allergies) 
  • Clients must wash their hands as soon as they enter the building. 
  • All consultations will be done via text and FaceTime. 
  • No one in your household or anyone you’ve come in contact with for the past 2 weeks should be sick or show any symptoms of COVID-19  
  • There is a $300 minimum on any tattoo due to the increased cost of operations
    Please be patient with us at this time. We are short staffed and are taking extra measures to ensure the safety of our clients and the community. 

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