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Award-Winning and World Class

North Little Rock, Arkansas

Lucky Bella Tattoos was founded in 2011 by artists Brooke and Ryan Cook. We offer award-winning and world class custom tattoos in a clean and professional studio with a friendly atmosphere. 

Lucky Bella COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

 In order to keep our clients and staff safe


✔️ A valid state issued photo ID is required by Arkansas state law to be presented in person at the time of your appointment in order for us to tattoo you. We cannot tattoo you without an ID. A valid ID includes a drivers license, state issued identification card, military ID, or passport.


✔️You cannot bring anyone with you to your tattoo appointment. They will not be permitted in the building. 

✔️Doors will be locked. Text when you arrive 

✔️Do not use numbing creams or ointments before your tattoo. It will jeopardize the quality of your tattoo. 

✔️Client cannot show any symptoms of illness like a sneezing, a cough or fever (not even allergies) or any signs of illness in your household