Frequently Asked Questions

 1. How much is a tattoo? 

Our master artists minimum amount of time we book for is $300, or 2 hours worth of tattoo time per person.  This is due to the pandemic causing a national shortage of medical supplies and having to limit the amount of people we can have contact with. 

We typically charge $150 an hour depending on the the style and artist. 

We have an artist with two years of experience that does smaller, less complex tattoos for the least expensive option. They charge $100. 

If you have a budget for your tattoo, it’s best to just let us know in advance what you are comfortable with spending. We usually design something original based around what you can afford, if price is a big factor.  Everything is based around time involved, so the more time put into it , the more impressive it will look. There's always the cheapest way to do a tattoo, and then there's the most awesome way to do that same tattoo. The difference is in the level of detail. The more specific and detailed the tattoo is, the more the price increases. 

Average prices for a medium to larger scale size tattoo session may run between $350-$1,000. 

The most we can get done in a single full day session is about an 8” by 11” sheet of paper worth of tattooing, which costs between $800-$1000 depending on how much we are able to accomplish that day. 

Smaller Tattoos run less, so it's really up to you on how much time you want to spend the day of your tattoo. 

Please let us know in advance what your maximum budget is so we can design your tattoo to the maximum detail and book you for the correct amount of time. 


2. How do I book an appointment? 

We take a  $100 + tax nonrefundable deposit  to make an appointment. While the deposit is nonrefundable it does comes off the price of the tattoo when you get it as long as you show up for your appointment or give us 48 hours notice to reschedule to a different date. You can call to book a day via text @ 501-615-8210 or you can click here. 


Q: Can you draw my design in advance, so I can make sure I like it before I set an appointment? 

A: We draw your design the day of your appointment and make any changes you want while you are present. For example we draw today's tattoo today and tomorrow's tattoo tomorrow.

3. How much do piercings cost? 

We do not currently do piercings at our studio. We focus 100% of our studio space on award winning tattoos. 

  4. Gift Certificates 

Gift certificates are available online by clicking "buy a gift card" or in person in the studio.  Gift certificates must be presented at the time of payment.  We are not responsible for lost or stolen gift certificates.